DSC_1666 d

I thought at every end of a month I could write a little “diary entry” – some things that happend, that I liked or that I was thinking about.

1. I have finished my job training and I have got a place at university. So 2015 is going to be really exciting, since I am going to move away from home in summer and go back to school after about three years of working and earning my own money.

2. My favorite song of january was definitely SomeKindaWonderful’s “Reverse” .

3. I finally wanted to watch “The Hobbit” but I still haven’t. I think I have to buy the DVD :D. Actually there was no time for cinema – I am a member of a dancing group and because it is carnival in germany, every weekend I am on another stage.

4.  But this weekend was different – that is why I have to mention it :). It nearly was perfect, spending time with my favorite guy, had dinner and a movie-night with friends, slept a lot, visited my grandmother and took these pictures – yep, just for once not in my lunch break :D.
But I have to admit: This Zara-Cape really is nothing for people who not always have a lint roller in their bag. And I am one of those people. But somehow I like that cape. It perfectly fits that rainy-snowy-wet-cold weather. I decided to combine it with a bodychain instead of a belt – just because I like golden details.

DSC_1678 g

DSC_1588 b

DSC_1674 e

DSC_1663 c

DSC_1676 f

DSC_1704 h


Cape, Shoes: Zara; Bag: Rebecca Minkoff; Jeans, Shirt: H&M; Bodychain: Fleamarket


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