Working Girl


There are these pieces in my closet that are really waiting for a long time until I finally wear them. This leather skirt is one of them. I love leather – jackets, trousers, I even have a dress with leather applications. But except of my leather jacket these clothes are primarily laying between my jeans and shorts and I sometimes recognize them only when I am cleaning out my closet (which just happens very rarely, because I  am very bad at parting with something – especially clothes). And this is also the story of my Topshop skirt: I just found it again.

Actually last week, when Malina and I took these pics, I wore it for the first time. Since this was another lunch-break-shoot I had to combine this skirt in way that I can wear it for work without having my colleagues throwing these “what-the-hell-is-she-wearing-gazes” at me (they haven’t done that yet). So I chose my knitted Mango-Sweater. It is warm, cozy and I liked the color in combination with leather.

And I even liked my new leo coat in combination with leather (against my fears, it didn’t look trashy or anything). This coat is my favorite jacket right now :), and because I had no black scarf that I could wear with it, my mom knitted one for me – it is perfect!

Now I really have to finish this post because it is Sunday, 20.15 – crime time in TV. Wandering to bed now with tea and maybe some ice cream :).




bearbeitet6Coat: Vila; Scarf: DIY; Skirt: Topshop, Pullover: Mango; Necklace: H&M; Rings: Six, MelanO; Shoes: Goertz



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