A Pop Of Pink


Spring fever. This term describes my current mood best. Actually I couldn’t be happier right now. I love how the sun made her way through the clouds this week and I love how the days are getting longer, finally!

 I am definitely a spring and summer girl, even if I believe fall is the best month for fashion – speaking of layering different textures and creating the best onion-looks – but that’s another story. Now it is time for pastel colors. I found my pink whool sweater at Zara sale, got a turquoise one from H&M, too. And this week I couldn’t resist buying a coral colored blazer and coat.

But even if the sun shines, it is still cold outside. When wearing this pink sweater I actually wanted to combine it simply with a vest. But I was freezing. So I had the idea of maybe combining it with a leather jacket plus vest. And this is the result. Kind of like it, because it looks as if it was a jacket with leather sleeves. Simple and casual.






Jeans, bag, pullover, Necklace: Zara; Jacket, Vest: H&M; Sneaker: Reebok

Fotos: Malina Sternberg



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