Fake Fur Overload – And Fashion Thoughts


Hey Everyone!

yeah, I can say that now because slowely but surely more and more people are visiting fashion glances and I am so excited :)! Thank you! So this post is a little more serious. It is about some thoughts on fashion, or to be precise: personal style. I thought about it for one week and was not sure whether I really should write about it. Because I know, I am one of those girls, who haven’t completely found their signature style as well. But maybe that’s the point.

When I was in 11th grade I was so sure: I am a skirt-, belt- and long-necklaces-with-bird-pendants-girl. I always included at least one of these three pieces in my looks, but admittedly more often my whole outfit looked this girly and sweet. I still like waist-belts and big necklaces. But when I think of these outfits, especially bird-pendants, I am not as excited anymore as my 17-year-old-me would be. What I want to say: taste and style change. And it is a long process until you find your personal signature style.

But there are also some preconditions: First, you have to find out what you like. Second, you have to remain faithful to yourself. And that can be difficult since in fashion trends change constantly and can disappear as fast as they have appeared.

One of my favorite german bloggers – Nina from fashiioncarpet – just wrote a whole post on how popular it is right now, to copy styles. I believe that as well. It is just more easy to wear something, you already know, it worked on someone else. I am speaking for example of fedoras, michael kors bags and stan smith sneaker you always find in combination with the same pieces, in the same way, on everyone right now. There is nothing bad about following trends or being inspired, but real style is characterized by ones own creativity. So if you like a trend, make it suitable for yourself – remain faithful to yourself.

I can say I am at least at this point right now, that I know what I like: (as said before) big necklaces, tops that accentuate my waist, fake-fur, oversized clothes, leather, small bags and sporty pieces. And I know that my style currently might not be super extraordinary. But maybe you can compare the process of finding your own style to baking. After all I am having the ingredients now. I don’t know which cake it is going to be, but to stay in figurative writing, I believe it doesn’t need to bake that long anymore.








Vest: Review; Jeans, Necklace: Zara, Pullover: Mango; Beanie: H&M; Bag: Rebecca Minkoff; Sneaker: Nike

Fotos: Malina Sternberg


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