Breaking Dawn


Hi guys,

second month of 2015 is nearly over – and I can’t believe how fast it passed by. Today I want to show you some pictures we shot before we went out for dinner with friends. My february was all about spending quality time with beloved ones, testing my new camera lens and playing around with some different (Sophia-touched-minimalistic-outfits), which you are going to see in march!

But before I start with my little february-diary-entry, I want to write a few words about this outfit. As I said, my boy and I tried out the new camera lens and I love the results of our pictures. With the new lens we can focus much better on details and create a blurred background. We tested the lens by taking these pictures. I like the combination of the leo pattern and my parka, because I think there are just few things that can dress down leo as good as the color green. I also believe, neckerchiefs will be seen more often in 2015. They are kind of a cool kid’s necklace – very simple but still fancy.

Since we wanted to go out with friends, it was evening when we took these pictures – breaking dawn. I have sworn to myself I never would call an outfit post “50 shades of grey” – now this one is called after a twilight-movie. I am not sure if that’ s better :D. Anyways, february was a month filled up with hanging around with great people.  I had a long breakfast with my girls and (as I said) went out for dinner with friends for example. And one of my favorite girls visited me today and we had a long walk, enjoyed the sun and just talked, because we haven’t seen each other for a while. And I mentioned “50 shades of grey” : Yep, I watched the movie together with another good friend and it was sooo much fun – we really had to laugh because some scenes were so bizarre and I have to admit, sometimes I was a little ashamed of what Mr. Grey said. I have read the book a long time ago so I couldn’t remember everything, but I think some scenes were not played very well. In my opinion, the book isn’t written very good as well. But I will definitely watch the sequel of that film :).

Hope you have a nice last day of february! I am going to perform magic in the kitchen now – ok, to be honest, I try to perform magic :D.





 Parka, Pullover, Rings, Neckerchief: H&M; Leatherleggings: Tally Weijl; Bag: Sportsgirl,
Shoes: Zign


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