Good Evening,

so this is a late wednesday-post, I am sitting in bed, writing and listening to Elle King’s album “Love Stuff” – nearly love all the songs and just can’t get enough of it – about one week ago it was the same thing with Kontra K’s album. The lyrics of this german rapper are just great.

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Mini Bag

fertig 1

Happy Sunday Everybody,

before I head to work today, I just wanted to show you little snapshots, me and my boyfriend took some days ago. We visited a fleamarket and found this old and empty building which seemed to be perfect for a little shoot. By now, we actually take the camera nearly always with us  – just to take pictures of beautiful things and document what we experience, and of course, to improve our skills with the new lens.

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Silver Shiver


Hello guys,

it’s finally weekend – and I am totally looking forward to meeting friends, go shopping and having drinks with a great girl tomorrow evening :). And because my whole weekend seems to be filled, I really wanted to finish this blog post tonight. Actually I wanted to show you this outfit earlier. Well, I sometimes wished I hat this tiny Time-Turner, which has helped Hermine and Harry in “The Prisinor of Azkaban”. Just kidding…

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Happy Monday Everyone,

it seems as if winter finally capitulates – yeayyyy. Had such a sunny and lovely sunday yesterday and ate my first italian ice cream :):). And since I cut my hair about more than ten centimeters on saturday I am anyway totally ready for spring. That’s why it is nearly overdue that I show you my seconde last “and-with-long-hair” wintry outfit.

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Love My Mom


Hi Eyerybody,

I finally made it: A new Outfit-Post is online. I wished I had more time for the blog right now, because I am trying to improve it a little bit. It is so much fun and I am very ambitious when it comes to fashion glances. I want to get better in taking pictures, posing, choosing outfits, finding the right locations, editing pictures – but all these things need time. Unfortunately I am one of those girls that always want things to be done all at once, immediately. I definitely have to learn that this is not what everyone calls reality. I am trying to post an outfit two times a week from now on. Hope at least this plan is realistic.

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