Love My Mom


Hi Eyerybody,

I finally made it: A new Outfit-Post is online. I wished I had more time for the blog right now, because I am trying to improve it a little bit. It is so much fun and I am very ambitious when it comes to fashion glances. I want to get better in taking pictures, posing, choosing outfits, finding the right locations, editing pictures – but all these things need time. Unfortunately I am one of those girls that always want things to be done all at once, immediately. I definitely have to learn that this is not what everyone calls reality. I am trying to post an outfit two times a week from now on. Hope at least this plan is realistic.

Today I want to show you my new Momjeans. I love the cut of it and can’t wait until I can wear it with some lace-up- or crop-tops. Right now my biggest mission ist fighting the cold by showing my ankles and wearing light clothes! I finally want spring to come (you remember the words “all at once” and “immediately”?) Last week about every seconde collegue asked me, whether I am not freezing. The answer is: No. My ankles are getting used to it.

As much as I like my (ankel-showing) Momjeans, I like my earrings and bag. I am totally into fringes and rosegold. I need some more fringed pieces: My next buys are going to be a skirt and a vest. And I found, that rosegold and silver look great in combination. Have to try that – I am still on my style-finding-journey. And looking through the archives of some popular blogs tranquilized me a little bit: A perfect style from the beginning on – call it  “immediately” –  isn’t really realistic.


Insta 2

Momjeans, Shirt, Coat, Bag, Earrings, Belt: H&M; Cardigan: Hollister; Sneaker: Adidas Stan Smith

Fotos: Malina Sternberg


2 thoughts on “Love My Mom

  1. Sehr sehr schön!!!
    Die Hose steht dir richtig gut und die Kombination mit Shirt und Mantel ist sehr gelungen.Toller Stil:))


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