Happy Monday Everyone,

it seems as if winter finally capitulates – yeayyyy. Had such a sunny and lovely sunday yesterday and ate my first italian ice cream :):). And since I cut my hair about more than ten centimeters on saturday I am anyway totally ready for spring. That’s why it is nearly overdue that I show you my seconde last “and-with-long-hair” wintry outfit.

Essential about this look are the details: the earrings with pearls on both sides, the round small bag with gilded hardware, pullover and trousers – their textures build contrasts but their colours match. In my opinion such little things make a rather simple outfit interesting. And there is another little trick I use very often: rolling up the sleeves of my sweaters. It always looks cooler and somehow effortlessly stylish – as if you just have forgotten making them straight when you’ve thrown on the sweater.

Rather short post to kick of the week – hope you all have a great start into it!







 Coat, Shoes: Zara; Sweater, Leatherpants, Bag: H&M; Earrings: No Name – ordered them via Amazon

Fotos: Malina Sternberg


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