Silver Shiver


Hello guys,

it’s finally weekend – and I am totally looking forward to meeting friends, go shopping and having drinks with a great girl tomorrow evening :). And because my whole weekend seems to be filled, I really wanted to finish this blog post tonight. Actually I wanted to show you this outfit earlier. Well, I sometimes wished I hat this tiny Time-Turner, which has helped Hermine and Harry in “The Prisinor of Azkaban”. Just kidding…

I believe maybe this is my favorite outfit of all the ones I posted so far. It totally reflects what I would call “my style” right now. I love playing with contrasts – that’s what I also did in my last post “Brownie”. But this time it’s not the texture, it is the style of the different pieces which built a contrast. The ripped girlfriendjeans is rather casual and a little boyish whereas the black peplum shirt is fancy and classy, I love how it accentuates the waist.

Furthermore I am totally into earrings right now – actually more than into big necklaces, which are usually my favorite accessories. But I like how subtle earrings can be – like my favorite ones, with the silver studs and the pearls at the backside. I just love them – especially because they were a gift from my boyfriend.

Happy weekend to all of you!









Coat, Girlfriendjeans, Shoes: H&M; Earrings: Asos; Peplumshirt: New Yorker; Bag: Guess



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