Dark Blue And Plain White


Hey Everyone,

so here it comes: my first outfit with short hair :D. For me going to the hairdresser is kind of a big deal – especially when the result is about ten centimeters shorter.

I thought about cutting my hair since last october, but never had the courage to do it. Because the last time I cut my hair, I was so unhappy (I remember it clearly – december 2012 :D). This time I just wanted to cut the ends when I went to the hairdresser – but somehow it got shorter and shorter. And I like it. I even was at the haidresser again yesterday, because I thought: When it’s short now, maybe it can get a little more shorter. That’s what happend. Pictures are about to come:).

So this was enough hair-talk, here come a few words about my look: For spring I really like light colours, and since white was a big trend in winter, why should we not bring it along in spring as well? Love it in combination with dark blue and brown. It is just a casual look – an outfit for everyday. I want to show you more of these outfits. Because in my opinion it is not always that easy to find an effortlessly cool look for everyday – seven days a week. There are days I just stand in front of my closet and really have now idea what to wear, and I just grab a shirt and jeans. But if you take the right accessories, or add another piece as a cool jacket, cardigan or blazer – in the end the look will be more interesting – that is at leats my recipe.









 Jeans, Bag, Shoes, Earrings: H&M; Knitted Pullover, Leather Jacket: Zara; Rings: Melano, H&M

Fotos: Malina Sternberg


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