Mini Bag

fertig 1

Happy Sunday Everybody,

before I head to work today, I just wanted to show you little snapshots, me and my boyfriend took some days ago. We visited a fleamarket and found this old and empty building which seemed to be perfect for a little shoot. By now, we actually take the camera nearly always with us  – just to take pictures of beautiful things and document what we experience, and of course, to improve our skills with the new lens.

Since this was a rather spontanious shoot on a windy day, and I was just in a jeans-and-shirt-mood, the outfit is really casual. Anyways, I like the pictures and thought they would be a chance to show you my new Mini-Bag. Love these kind of small bags because they have these fashionable vibes, which make every simple outfit look interesting – and especially love the coulour and pattern of my mine. This won’t be the last post with it – that’s for sure.

So this was just a quick update. Going to show you a very different outfit in the course of this week. It is the result of a shoot we did yesterday, and I really love the look, it is so much what I would call “my style” :):). Think I am getting closer and closer now to the things I love and like to wear.

Have a nice last day of this weekend!





Laceshirt, Bag, Leatherjacket : H&M; Shoes: Adidas Stan Smith; Jeans: Zara



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