Hi Everyone,

cold in the morning, warm in the afternoon, and cold again in the evening – well, I thought it’s perfect layering-weather. I love layering my clothes: especially on chilli-milli days, when I am wearing my pyjamas under my jogging suit and an oversized pullover on top :-D. But walking around like an onion is not only a good thing to do at home – it also works in fall AND spring.

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Feeling Like Sherlock


Happy Weekend to all of You,

I never have been a big fan of trenchcoats. I did not like the usual beige colour, their length and all the brown buttons. But it seems as if this summer fashion industry has brought this classic piece to the next level: In Paris I saw all the girls wearing light and long trenchcoats in different colours – most popular was the black one. Somehow I couldn’t resist this trend, and I totally don’t regret buying a greige one. It is my favourit jacket right now and I am nearly wearing it everyday.

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Paris, Baby!


Hi Everyone,

as I promised, here comes a special post only about Paris. I know now, why the saying “Paris Je T’aime” was invented: This city is somehow breathtaking and you immediately fall in love with it’s beautiful architecture, huge buildings, green spaces, parks, flowers and sooo many sights. You see, I am totally excited about that city and I am going to come back to you Paris – that’s for sure:)!

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Hi Everybody,

I am packing my bags for leaving back home right now. Definitely going to miss Paris. It is such a beautiful place – more on that and a lot of pictures are about to come soon 🙂 !

But before that, here is a little new Outfit-Post, keeping it simple by wearing my summery white pants, a check shirt and Nike Air Force.

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Hello from Paris 🙂 ,

I am so happy to finally have some days off  – and I am even more happy that I can spent some of these days in beautiful Paris! Haven’t been to that city before, but just after a few hours here I can say, I am totally overwhelmed. Sitting in bed  right now having  that great view on old streets and houses, it’s just perfect. I am planning a whole post about that city – just to show you some of my impressions. But before that, there is another post waiting: A simple and clean look, that I unpacked my heels for 😀 .

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