The White Blazer


Hi Guys,

being sick definitely sucks. After lying in bed for the last two days, I am so happy I actually can move again today and even could eat something – yeay. And because I actually constantly slept the last days trying to get better, this post goes a little later online as I actually had planned. But here it is: my white lovely blazer.

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As Above, So Below


Hi Everyone,

since yesterday evening I am back from my flat-visiting-marathon in Berlin. Even though it was really stressfull, I enjoyed our stay and loved strolling through every (really every) corner of that city together with my boyfriend. I am already looking forward to my next trip to Berlin – hopefully to sign a rental agreement.

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Fashion Radar: Show Your Shoulders


Hey Everybody,

after a super busy week I finally made it to finish a new Post. By now there is so much going on. I am working a lot right now and also have to look for flats in Berlin, since I am going to move to that city in summer. Looking for the perfect flat definitely is stressfull, especially when you are living about 400 kilometers away from the city you are going to move to  – and especially when you look for your new home-to-be almost every night, because the days are too full with other things to be done. Anyways, I am totally excited! And you know what always calmes me down on stressfull days? Online-Shopping. OMG I am such a living cliche 😀 .

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