Fashion Radar: Show Your Shoulders


Hey Everybody,

after a super busy week I finally made it to finish a new Post. By now there is so much going on. I am working a lot right now and also have to look for flats in Berlin, since I am going to move to that city in summer. Looking for the perfect flat definitely is stressfull, especially when you are living about 400 kilometers away from the city you are going to move to  – and especially when you look for your new home-to-be almost every night, because the days are too full with other things to be done. Anyways, I am totally excited! And you know what always calmes me down on stressfull days? Online-Shopping. OMG I am such a living cliche 😀 .

Above you see the things I am currently craving for: off-shoulder-shirts. They are perfect for summer and showed up again with the 70s trend. I am seeing a lot of simple white blouses, that have this off-shoulder-style. But there are also some modern versions, which I personally prefer more. I really love the shirt by Michael Kors (4.), but I got myself the one from Topshop (1.). It is modern but somehow still cute. Unfortunately (ok but this is no surprise) these shirts totally emphasize the shoulders, so that they are not really made for girls with wide shoulders. But there is a little trick to distract from the shoulders by wearing your hair open (the longer the hair, the better the distraction). By the way – hairtalk – I decided to keep mine short ( we’ll see how long this decision will last 😀 ).

Here you can find the shirts:

1. Topshop

2. H&M

3. H&M

4. Michael Kors

5. Miss Selfridge

Have a great start into the new (short) week!



pictures via Zalando, H&M and Net-a-Porter


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