As Above, So Below


Hi Everyone,

since yesterday evening I am back from my flat-visiting-marathon in Berlin. Even though it was really stressfull, I enjoyed our stay and loved strolling through every (really every) corner of that city together with my boyfriend. I am already looking forward to my next trip to Berlin – hopefully to sign a rental agreement.

Because of all the things I have to plan and deal with right now (and most of these things have to to with moving away from home), unfortunately I lost my usual blogging-rhythm. I am trying to post as often as I can, never have thought that this little website would become so important for me. Since actually most of the readers are from Germany, I have thought about blogging in german and writing english translations. What do you think? A little change is going to happen anyways this summer… But more on that in due time :).

You’ve recognized the shoes I am wearing on the pics? I have showed them to you in my first “Fashion-Radar-Post” and couldn’t resist getting them. A good buy. They are comfy and the heel isn’t that high – you can walk around in these summer sandals all day (well, maybe not when you are running from flat to flat) – that’s what I learned in Berlin, where these pictures were taken. By the way: This is the Calvin-Klein-Shirt I told you I bought at “Wertheim Village”. I simply combined it with my favourit Asos-Jeans for a whole denim look – as above, so below.

Have a lovely sunday!






Jeans: Asos; Bag: Mango; Shirt: Calvin Klein; Shoes: Zign





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