Fashion Radar: Light Summer Vests

Collage WestenHi Everybody,

lately I am totally into summer vests. I got myself a white one from Mango during my stay in Berlin. I actually was looking for a piece like this for a while. And as always, when you are looking for something in particular, you find a lot more pieces, which really would love to hang in your closet :D. For example some long, light, trechcoat-inspired vests.

I figured, that a lot labels brought the it-piece of spring – the trenchcoat – to the summer level by simply cutting off the sleeves. Really love this trenchcoat version. But I still also like classic vests, which look more like a blazer without sleeves than a trenchie (the one I got in Berlin is rather classic as well). I believe both types of these summer vests can be styled in so many different ways. I love layering my clothes, and that is so simple by just wearing a vest over a blouse or tee. Guess Zara has the most coolest summer vests.

You find my picks here:

1. Zara
2. Topshop
3. H&M
4. Zara
5. Zara

By now I am packing my bags for a little vacation, I am so excited: We leave tomorrow and spent some days at the Netherlands.

Have a happy Friday,



pictures via Zara, Zalando and H&M



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