Vacation Snapshots #Netherlands


Hi Everyone,

by looking at all of these pictures I am missing that couple of days at the Netherlands even more and I can’t believe, that it has been already two weeks I have been there. I have spent my holidays at that country nearly every spring since I’ve been a teenager. I love the kindness of the people, the ocean, the cities and the language. I really can’t wait traveling to the Netherlands again… and maybe that is going to happen soon. Hopefully! And because I am so fascinated by that country I wanted to share some of my snapshots on the blog.

During our stay at Egmond aan den Hoef we went to the beach every day but also visited Alkmaar and Bergen. At Bergen there is kind of a small zoo within the city, surrounded by beautiful houses. We rented bikes and cycled to that place three times because I could’t get enough of it :D.

The city Alkmaar is great for shopping. Found a cool khaki jacket at a really fancy store. But I like Alkmaar especially because in my eyes it is so typical for the Netherlands. There is water everywhere – you have that in many dutch cities (also at Amsterdam) – and it has something calming just walking around over that beautiful bridges, dipping your feet into the water and explore the hidden corners at the other side of the small rivers. For me Alkmaar is kind of the small sister of Amsterdam: This metropolis I am definitely going to visit again next time. We went to Amsterdam last year during our holiday at Egmond – but this time we decided, to keep the schedule kind of simple and primarily calm with the focus on long walks at the beach instead of big shopping tours.

Have a nice sunday 🙂


















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