Black Belt Bag


Hello Everyone,

I am still totally in a perfect summer mood, even if the sun doesn’t show up as often as it did last week. Anyways, here comes another summer outfit, wearing my Asos Romper and kind of a self-made belt bag.

Well yeah, for a few seconds I felt a little like a hairdresser, who keeps all his scissors near his body, or a waitress, having her purse strapped right to her belt :D. Ok just kidding, but that is exactly of what belt bags usually remind me of. And I didn’t really had in mind buying one, but when I strolled through that H&M store and found that little bag (sale: 1 Euro), I had the idea of creating a belt bag on my own 😀 (I know Zara has real ones right now but you don’t have to dissipate a fortune when you are not sure if it is worth it)… So I just tried to pull a belt through the back of that small clutch and it worked. I must admit I am really satisfied with the result because especially on hot days you don’t have to carry a big bag with you and have everything you need near your body. My smartphone fits perfectly into that purse for example. Guess these kind of belt bags are also a cool option for summer festivals.




Jumpsuit: Asos; Sandals: Taupage, Belt + Bag: H&M


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