Hi Guys and Happy Friday!

for me weekend already has started today because I am having a day off – feels so good! Therefore I have to work on sunday and then actually it is only one week left until I stop working for that local newspaper and start moving to Berlin to study – yeayy :).

So at the end of july I am going to spent some days in my new flat to paint the walls in my room and visit my new roomie :). I am so excited because it is a total new chapter in my life. I really can’t believe how fast time flies by so that half of this year actually is already over.

And because I am finishing working now I can’t take pics for the blog with my great collegues anymore. There were Malina, Jessica and Jacqueline who spent the lunch break by shooting pictures with me 😀 – thank you so much! It always was total fun :). Today´s pictures are one of these lunch-break-results as well. I am wearing my light black H&M pants, which are super practical for warm temperature at an office (as my das saw me he said my outfit reminds him of an uniform… little story behind the name of this post 😀 ).

But to come back to the pants: Right now I actually wear more ofter wider trousers – guess fashion industry anyways tends to disestablish skinny jeans. Therefore it seems to be time for culottes, wide pants, boyfriend, mom and flared jeans.

Spending my evening watching a soccer game of my boyfriend and visiting friends
afterwars :).  Have a nice weekend!






Blouse + Pants: H&M, Bag: Mango, Belt: Ann Christine, Shoes: Zign

Fotos: Jacqueline Kleinhans



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