Lace It Up



due to my tight schedule today I woke up early to prepare this post. I have to work late and wanted to seize the day to work out a bit, clean my room and especially send all the packages back, which are lying on my floor – such a post-office-situation here 😀 (because I am a total online shopper…).

I also got these lace-up-flats online via Topshop. I was looking quite a while for shoes like this and finally decided to take these real leather ones. As it is always the problem with ballet-flats, the first time you wear them it really hurts – sorry for that information but I really got blisters  at the beginning :D. Anyways, after wearing them a few days it got so much better. Kind of “lacing things up” right now is totally in fashion – speaking of lace-up-shirts, these flats or heels or even trousers you can close with ribbons as part of that 70s trend.

Because I like it rather casual, simple and clean and not that playful at all I combined my lace-up-flats with a boyfriend jeans, white shirt and that Céline-Trio-Bag inspired Michael Kors bag (I really would like to have the original Trio Bag but since I am a student in one month I think I better save the money… for now 😀 )But I told you also of my little Céline-Sunnie craving… maybe that is really going to happen. We will see :D.

Have a nice Week!






Jeans: Zara, Shirt + Belt: H&M, Lace-Up-Flats: Topshop, Bag: Michael Kors, Sunnies: Le Specs, Ring: Melano, Earpiece: Six

Fotos: Jacqueline Kleinhans


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