Fashion Radar: Backpacks

Fashion Radar Backpack

Hey Everyone,

guess it is time for a new Fashion Radar Post. Have you already seen that I made some categories? I wanted to bring some structure into it and I am still working on a new design for that blog :). But now back to the backpacks. I am looking for the right one for me quite for a while, but (it is such a pity) I always like the most expensive ones best. Well I believe I have to wait until they are on sale 😀 .

You find my picks here:

1. Calvin Klein
2. Kenzo
3. Love Moschino
4. Michael Kors
5. Michael Kors

I have also seen some cool ones online at ASOS, but I rather really would love to have the backpack from Kenzo. It is always the same and I don’t understand it: I am scrolling through a website and put the things I like at a wishlist without looking at the prices. And when I am clicking through that wishlist I am finding I got the most expensive pieces :D, it is, as if these pieces just really want to be part of my wardrobe :D. Well, just kidding.

But after I have been really sad because yesterday was my last day at the office before I start studying, I finally start smiling again. Never would have thought that it was this hard for me to leave that office and quit that job – at least for the next years. But (as I have kept writing for the last months, and this sentence everyone of my friends and family actually already know by heart): I am sooooo excited!

Have a nice weekend!



Pictures via Zalando, Nelly and KaDeWe Shop


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