As The Sun Goes Down


Hello from Berlin!

I am here right now to make my room ready to finally move in. Yesterday I painted and today I am going to look for some furniture. I am sharing the apartment with another girl. Well, she was first so it is kind of the opposite: She is sharing that beautiful old flat with me. I am very happy about that new home.

I am going to stay until friday evening. You can check out my instagram account to follow my little moving-in-journey. I try to show you a little of my room as it grows and becomes more and more my home. Yesterday unfortunately my hands (and every other part of my body) were covered with white color all over so I didn’t really dare to touch my phone :D.

Talking about furniture, I like clean shapes, light colors and everything that reminds me of nordic interior design. And for sure I need a big closet :D. I am cleaning my old one out right now and want to sell more than half of the clothes, as I feel my taste changes totally by now. As I was into big necklaces, jewelry and colorful pieces during the last years, right now I like that minimalistic, yeah again nordic, style. So this is what this outfit basically also is about: less colours, less accessories. Only that little playful white texture, which belongs to the pullover, builds a contrast to the sporty and casual vibes. So we will see, which clothes are going to move into the new closet – soon! 🙂

Have a nice week!







Pullover: Even&Odd, Bag: Rebecca Minkoff, Shoes: Adidas, Leather -Leggings: Tally Weijl


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