Windy Cologne


Hi Everybody,

as you already might have read in the last post or seen on Instagram, I spent the weekend at Cologne. It was such a beautiful short weekend trip and I wished me and my boyfriend could have stayed longer.

We booked this trip very spontaneously – just three days before we wanted to arrive at our hotel (for city trips like this, we use to stay at Motel One). This weekend was the only and last option for us to spent some time together away from home before I move to Berlin. And even if it was so short-dated, we had a schedule full of fun :).

On Friday we stopped by at the amusement park Phantasialand at our way to Cologne. I really tested every single roller coaster and ate all the sweets, which are offered there – paradise! It was a hot day and we have been lucky because the park was not full with visitors at all.

At the evening we drove to Cologne, checked in at Motel One and I was so tired because of this day full of action and adventures. On Saturday we took these pictures right after breakfast near the hotel. Unfortunately I had not checked how the weather would be and Cologne surprised us with clouds and wind – well, the only things that were in my bag were shorts, a skirt, T-shirts and sandals. However, even if it was not sunny, at least it was not that cold.

But I actually wished I had brought other shoes with me – I am not sure anymore wether I like these sandals in combination with my leather shorts and this shirt. While taking the pictures I thought it was a nice contrast but now I am a little skeptical when I see the photos. What do you think? Well, I guess everybody learns, which outfits work on oneself and which don’t.

I wore this look for a shopping tour through Cologne (there weren’t so many options for an outfit because of the summery wardrobe I packed :D). I simply fell in love with the quarter “Belgisches Viertel” with all it’s small stores and pretty boutiques. We actually went there accidentally and after strolling through that quarter I don’t wanted to go to the big shopping streets anymore.

Because of the gaming convention GamesCom, Cologne was filled with so many people and just when we have been there, there was also a city festival. So on Saturday evening we listened to the bands playing in the streets and strolled through the city.

After breakfast on Sunday we went to Bonn, because I finally wanted to see the Karl Lagerfeld exhibition “Modemethode”. I was really fascinating, even if I think there could have been a little more information on the designer himself, collections, his inspirations, how he works, how the dresses are produced and so on.  Maybe we should have joined a guided tour, but the woman at the point of sale was not very friendly and didn’t give us any information at all – so I listend a little to a guide I saw, when we strolled through the exhibition the other way round.

So this was kind of a really big post :D. But the blog is also kind of a diary for me and sometimes I really want to write about some moments a bit more detailed. Hope you are still awake :D.

Happy Tuesday


DSC_0153DSC_0130DSC_0141 DSC_0121Shirt + Pants: H&M, Bag: Rebecca Minkoff, Shoes: Birkenstock



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