I Am Moving – And So Does The Blog



Since I am moving to Berlin soon, I thought it was also time to take the blog to the next level. Instead of fashionglances.wordpress.com the new URL is: fashionglances.com .

New Posts are about to be published at the new website :). I am looking forward to meet you over there and can’t wait to share my little fashion journey further on fashionglances.com . I am happy if you check it out.

Sophia 🙂


Oh So Simple


Hello Everyone,

this is just a quick update, showing you what I wore at the weekend for dinner with my boyfriend. As I already wrote in my last post, right now I am totally into simple outfits, less colors, less jewelry – just black, grey, white and blue. Totally got inspired by the nordic kind of style, so that I really would like to shop hundreds of white shirts in different cuts and lengths right now :D.

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As The Sun Goes Down


Hello from Berlin!

I am here right now to make my room ready to finally move in. Yesterday I painted and today I am going to look for some furniture. I am sharing the apartment with another girl. Well, she was first so it is kind of the opposite: She is sharing that beautiful old flat with me. I am very happy about that new home.

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Lace It Up



due to my tight schedule today I woke up early to prepare this post. I have to work late and wanted to seize the day to work out a bit, clean my room and especially send all the packages back, which are lying on my floor – such a post-office-situation here 😀 (because I am a total online shopper…).

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Hi Guys and Happy Friday!

for me weekend already has started today because I am having a day off – feels so good! Therefore I have to work on sunday and then actually it is only one week left until I stop working for that local newspaper and start moving to Berlin to study – yeayy :).

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